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The company specializes in producing of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear clothing:

  • Washed and unwashed women’s trousers – casual, elegant and classic
  • Washed and unwashed men’s trousers
  • Ladies skirts
  • Women’s blazers, jackets and shirts

There are 3 buildings situated both in Popovo and Opaka town.
In todays fast pace global economy and with rapidly growing competition flexibility, innovation and a competitive spirit are a must in a clothing industry. “Rodina Popovo” Ltd meets the challenges of a dynamic and highly competitive international market with stable investment policy.
Investments in:

  • Advanced technology
  • Human capital
  • Effective marketing strategy
  • Diversified production

The professionalism and commitment to the corp strategy of the company’s crew including the management team, specialists, workers and technical staff is what allows “Rodina Popovo” Ltd to be the leader in its field. The training and qualification of staff as well as attracting motivated young people are among the company’s priority policies. Investment in human capital is a long-term objective that shows the employee’s competence in tune with the latest technologies and the best practices in sewing industry.

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